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Precision Stampings

WalPres provide Precision Stampings, which involve the process of punching markings, three-dimensional shapes, or other designs into material surfaces. Our stamping machines exert a high level of force to engrave dies and forms onto your required surface material. Precision stamping machines are automated accordingly, and we employ high-end computer-control programs that provide greater precision, faster production, and quicker turnaround times. Walsall Pressings specialise in metal presswork for a range of customers from several market sectors including automotive, communications and domestic appliances.

Based in the Heart of the UK we offer a full service from design and prototype, to development and manufacture. Our customers depend upon our technical ability, product quality and customer support, and we provide a world class service at competitive global market prices, consistently exceeding our customers expectation for quality, cost and delivery. With over 60 years manufacturing experience, our vision is to continue to exceed our customers' expectations whilst reducing costs and our environmental impact.

For further information with regards to Precision Stampings, please call us on 01922 721152, or us on email info@wlapres.co.uk. Our address is; Walsall Pressings Co Ltd, Wednesbury Road, Walsall WS1 4JW.

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