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Technical Pressings

We manufacture Quality Stampings to the highest technical specifications using many different materials in coil or cut blanks including aluminium, sound damping laminates, high strength alloys, and standard grades of ferrous and non ferrous metals.

• Oil Pan / Sump Assemblies
• Engine & Transmission Covers
• Baffles / Windage Trays
• Window Regulator Baseplates

Our machine capacity ranges from 10t to 400t  using manual, progression or automated lines achieving up to eight inches deep drawn pressings. The majority of our Precision Pressings have validation testing engineered into the process.


Mechanical Assemblies

All assemblies are endurance tested or functionally assessed as part of the process as required. Each item can be sequence managed with unique batch codes traceable to test results for mechanical and electrical items.

 Our engineering teams have vast experience of life-cycle validation as well as functional, environmental and ergonomic requirements. Global sourcing coupled with the capacity to efficiently produce metal products provides the ability to present cost effective assembly processes.

Functional & General Assemblies

  • Sensor Pedals
  • Actuators
  • Oil Separators
  • Adjusters

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  • General Stampings

    We press a comprehensive range of high volume Chassis, Body in white ( BIW ), Trim & Final, and electrical presswork to customer specification using automation and progression tooling wherever possible to ensure value processes.

  • Chassis Reinforcements
  • Engine Brackets
  • Heat Shields
  • Body Support Panels
  • Electrical Fixings

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  • Welded Assemblies

  • Chassis Reinforcements
  • Fuel Tank Supports
  • Pedal Box Assemblies
  • Airbag Frames
  • Water Tank Housings


    Adopting automated processes using a selection of methods from Arc and Pulse welding ( MIG, MAG, GMAW ) to Spot and Projection welding.

    Our Robotic welding cells are all latest generation Synergic and we are always ready to invest in new technology.


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